Welcome to the ILG newsletter…


Throughout the Covid crisis MBL and ILG tried to do as much as we could to support our policy holders and the organisations that fund and support them.  We often went above and beyond what would be expected of a standard insurance company.  

The ILG itself is a separate entity that has grown out of that desire to support MBL policy holders in more interesting and exciting ways.  

As we now look forward to a post pandemic world, we are considering the lessons learned over the last 12/18 months and how to address them in the months ahead.


Isolation aided by technology

We know that many of our policy holders were isolated and lacked the support of their peers but as a result are utilising technology more than ever before to reach out and connect to one another.

Engagement from Mark Bates Ltd


MBL now have a much better understanding of how important regular contact with our policy holders is and hope to engage with as many of you as possible in the next 12 months and beyond.  

To help address this isolation and to foster a more meaningful relationship between provider and customer we are encouraging our Home Employment policy holders to join the ILG and engage with the growing network of individual employers that make up its members – the ILG community.

The ILG Community

The ILG community is a UK wide network of individual employers where its members can support each other.  

The aims of the ILG community are as follows.

  • To bring individual employers together to share ideas, share issues and support each other
  • To enable a coherent and collective voice for individual employers in the DP sector and beyond
  • To engage with other local groups and employer networks to share good practice

To access the group, you simply need to join the ILG by clicking here and follow the on-screen instructions.


If you are interested to learn more about what we are doing in the background to support the development of the community and want to get involved, please e-mail – support@independentlivgingroup.com

If you’re a DP advisor working for a Local Authority or Support organisation you can access professional ILG membership here for a range of great resources to help you in your role.  

Other News…

From the Home Office for the attention of all UK employers.  

There is less than 14 days left until the deadline of 30 June 2021 for applications to be made to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). 

If any of your PAs need help with making an application to the EUSS a range of support is available for them.  This support is signposted by the Home Office here.

If you have any further concerns regarding your role as an employer, please contact our legal advice service, ILG Support with any questions you might have

Help to give PAs a voice in £15 million adult social care programme


A new £15 million centre has been set up to make a difference to adult social care, both for the people who receive services and those who work in care. The UK-wide centre is called IMPACT (‘Improving Adult Care Together’). The IMPACT team has asked Direct Payment Support Provider, Penderels Trust, to help them to make sure the experience and views of personal assistants (PAs) are included. 

The IMPACT team has put together a short online survey for people who work in care to start gathering information. It is really important that PAs are included in this survey. If you employ one or more PAs, or you support someone who does, we would be very grateful if you could forward this email on to them.  All responses gathered are anonymous and are only seen by the IMPACT team.

The survey takes just 10 minutes to fill in

The IMPACT team want to make sure that they focus their investment on things that would make the most difference and provide the most help and support for frontline social care services. 

If you would like more information on this initiative, please email Caroline Clay at Penderels Trust on cclay@penderelstrust.org.uk